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When it's time to ease back in the cockpit or belly up to the tiki bar and trade a few sea tales, you'll feel like you know this salty old captain, from somewhere. He's the archetypical sea dog with a thousand adventures under his keel and he'll be glad to keep you entertained with as many as you'd like to hear. This book is a collection of humorous and exciting stories; when you've read it you'll feel as if you really do know this memorable sailor. Frank Papy has spent his lifetime gathering them, all the while charting the Florida Keys so he could add to his popular Cruising Guide to the Florida Keys. He's been a charter captain, delivery skipper, a skilled sailor, and without a doubt a respected member of the "Conch Republic," (the Florida Keys Country). That in itself gives a clue to the humorous view many Keys sailors take of life.

Few deep and ponderous thoughts here; instead these are "Sporadic tales of sailing," as he describes them. "We've come a long way since Joshua Slocum sailed around the world by himself with a compass and an old clock, paper charts and no engine. I wonder what he'd say if he saw all this modern stuff?" Well, Joshua would enjoy reading this book by Frank Papy, and so will you.

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